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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is my JVM down?
For BASIC or ADVANCED account, you can set up your server under 24x7 monitoring. If your server is under monitoring, your server will be never down. For Free Accounts, in order to save resources, we shut down your Tomcat JVM at 4:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM (PST). If you are subscribed to a Free Account and testing your application, you can restart your account whenever it has stopped.

2. How could I access my MySQL database?
You can click on MySQL Admin menu and put username/password which is same as your account username/password. JDBC url for MySQL 4.1 is "jdbc:mysql://localhost/<username>?autoReconnect=true". JDBC url for MySQL 5.0 is "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3307/<username>?autoReconnect=true".

3. Where can I find samples source code for connecting to a database?
You can download (check and

4. How can I upload my webpage files?
Pack your application as a WAR file, and upload it from 'My Account' after logging in. Or you can use FTP to upload files. For ADVANCED accounts, in addition to using our website to upload the WAR file, you also can use scp or sFTP.

5. Can I change the port number?
No. If you change any port number, your application will not work.

6. What is my Tomcat administrator username and password?
Your Tomcat username/password is admin/<your account password>.

7. Can I access my Linux account?
Yes. You can access your account using ssh (Only for Advanced accounts). Your password is same as your account password.

8. On my home page, it only displays Tomcat page. How can I change to my page.
Rename your war file to ROOT.war and upload the ROOT.war (Must be upper-case ROOT.war)

9. What is your name servers (DNS)?
Our name servers are and

10. How could I manage my e-mail accounts?
E-Mail Administration is only for BASIC or ADVANCED accounts. First, you must have your own domain name. Second, login your account and put your domain name at bottom. Click 'Mail Admin' to log in. Username is postmaster. Password is same as your account password. After login, you can create mail accounts (For example,,

11. How to cancel my account?
Just send a mail to support(AT) with your EATJ username.

12. How to connect to POP3 server?
For BASIC or ADVANCED account, You can use our POP3 server to receive mails. POP3 server name: Username: <name>@<your domain>(For example,

13. How to connect to FTP server?
For host name, login to your account and you will see. Username/password are same as your account. If you have firewall, please use passive mode. Once you login to your ftp account. You are in your $TOMCAT_HOME directory. You can change any settings you want except heap size.

14. How to send mails using eatj SMTP?
This feature is not for Free Trial account. Limit is 500 mails a day. SMTP server is or For, Username/password are same as your account username/password. For, username/password is <email>/<email password>

15. How to use php in
Login to your account. Click your php link. You will see HOW TO.


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