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Getting Started

  1. Register an account at Click here.

2. You need to select your user name and specify your email (preferably a gmail or a yahoo mail address). The user name is also your application ID (appID) and your MySQL database name. Login to your account and restart your server. You will see your sub-domain. For example, if your user name is john: your appID is john, your MySQL database name is john and your subdomain is or

3. You will recieve a confirmation e-mail. Once you click the link in your email, your account will be created. If you didn't recieve the e-mail, please e-mail us support(AT)

4. Login to your account. Click Start to start your Tomcat server.

5. You will see your URL on top such as Click it. You will see your Tomcat home page.

6. Download the sample war file, ROOT.war.

7. From 'My Account,' upload the WAR file (ROOT.war) you just downloaded. Make sure it has ".war" file extension. If it has "", remove ".zip".

8. Wait till the upload finishes, and then restart your server. You will see your URL on top. Click it. You will see the sample home page.

9. To make your first JSP page work, you download

10. Unzip the sample file to a temporary location, like "C:\temp\mysample"

11. In "C:\temp\mysample", rename "hello.jsp.bak" to "hello.jsp".

12. If you did not install J2SE, download it from

13. In the DOS command line prompt, type "cd C:\temp\mysample".

14. In the DOS command line prompt, and while in "C:\temp\mysample", type "jar cvf ROOT.war ."(Notice a dot ".") to create a ROOT.war file.

15. Upload the ROOT.war file (ROOT.war is case-sensitive; it must be upper-case).

16. Restart your server. You will see your url on top. Click it and add /hello.jsp at end. You will see your hello.jsp. <

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