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Terms and Conditions


1. has the right to terminate any account, at any time, and at its sole discretion. Violating any of our rules may lead to terminating your account without any notice.

2. You are solely responsible for any material you put up on this site. No illegal, biased or offensive materials are allowed on this site. Offensive material includes but is not limited to pornography and hate materials. No political sites are allowed as well.

3. Your login time and IP address are recorded.

4. YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THIS SERVICE IF YOU ONLY ATTEMPT TO DO ANY BULK EMAILING HERE. BULK MAILING, SPAMMING, AND JUNK MAILING IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED. ANYTHING MORE THAN 1000 EMAILS/DAY, MORE THAN 100 EMAILS/HOUR AND/OR MORE THAN 4 MAILS/MINUTE CONSTITUTES A VIOLATION OF OUR POLICY. Your account is subject to removal without any notice if we receive any complaint of unsolicited mail or if our mail server is black listed or blocked by others due to SPAM activities by you. If you generate SPAM from another host, there must not be any information pointing back to our service, such as an email address or URL hosted by

5. We provide satisfaction guarantee money back within 30 days. If you subscribe our service more that 30 days, no refund.

6. For BASIC or ADVANCED accounts, once you cancel your subscription, your account will be disabled at the cancellation date.

7. If you use a database, you have to use a database connection pool. For sample connection pool code, you can download (check and You not only save resources, but also improve your application performance by using a connection pool. The maximum number of concurrent connections is 10.

8. No big(exceed 50MB) video allowed at You can put your videos in YouTube and have links to your pages.

9. EATJ is a web hosting provider, not file hosting provider. So big file downloading and uploading is not allowed. You can put your big files on file hosting place and have a link to file hosting place.


Terms and Conditions